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We are here to serve humanity, animals and plants through the delivery of world-class scientific supplies

Afri-Biohub LTD is registered in Nigeria with our head office located in Lagos. We provide products and services of very high quality and standards to various agencies and organizations. We supply to universities, government agencies and departments, research institutions, farmers and both public and private laboratories, public health institutions, hospitals, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. This company was founded by researchers with vast knowledge in medical, veterinary, agricultural and food safety research and techniques.

We in Afri-Biohub are here to serve humanity, animals and plants through the delivery of world-class scientific supplies. This we do In collaboration with other reputable companies within and outside Nigeria. We are efficient in supplying consumables, chemicals, reagents, laboratory equipment and instruments, industrial and field equipment, supplies for cell biology, molecular techniques, gene expression, protein and immunological techniques. We are poised to deliver solutions that are based on state-of-the-art technologies that revolve around the analyses, quantification, purification, identification and amplification of various materials of biological origin.

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  • Rapid (point-of-care) Testing Products
  • Blood Grouping, Haematology Products
  • Blood Collection Products
  • Coagulation Products
  • Serology Products
  • ELISA Testing
  • PCR, LAMP, Molecular Products
  • Mycology Products
  • Microbiology Products
  • Pipetting (Liquid Handling) Products
  • General Laboratory Products

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